bl师生边做边讲课h bl师生边做边讲课h ,德国的老太婆的毛很多 德国的老太婆的毛很多 ,伊人大焦线在线手机版 伊人大焦线在线手机版

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Production of Plastic Extrusions (TPO, PVC etc)
We willing to offer various materials and profiles to satisfy
and in response to customers’ needs.

The latest of development of plastic extrusion technique.

bl师生边做边讲课h bl师生边做边讲课h ,德国的老太婆的毛很多 德国的老太婆的毛很多 ,伊人大焦线在线手机版 伊人大焦线在线手机版 The company products from newest technology and latest manufacturing process
are high quality functional parts of automobiles and building construction etc.

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bl师生边做边讲课h bl师生边做边讲课h ,德国的老太婆的毛很多 德国的老太婆的毛很多 ,伊人大焦线在线手机版 伊人大焦线在线手机版

Excellent smoothness surface and abrasion resistance resin extrusion products.

Employ Sube-up to fin part and bottom part can be helpful for adherence prevention and enhancement of sliding properties.
The tube’s inner smoothness remarkably improves open and shut a window compared to rubber products.  


Gaskets, air-tight materials, water-tight materials, automobile parts, electronic parts and leisure parts etc.

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HOTTY 3 point powers produce high-performance products.​


Problem Resolution – suggestion – Rapid Implementation.

We propose various materials and profile designs in response to our customers’ needs.


High technology and latest manufacturing process

In line with the rapid changing times, newest raw material, manufacturing process. We also continue to develop new extrusion technology and quality control system.

Co-operate with parent company in Japan to produce high-quality products for satisfying of customers’ needs.

From part experience of parent company in Japan, we provide the best solution to serve Thai customers’ needs.

Product category

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bl师生边做边讲课h bl师生边做边讲课h ,德国的老太婆的毛很多 德国的老太婆的毛很多 ,伊人大焦线在线手机版 伊人大焦线在线手机版



We have developed
bl师生边做边讲课h bl师生边做边讲课h ,德国的老太婆的毛很多 德国的老太婆的毛很多 ,伊人大焦线在线手机版 伊人大焦线在线手机版 the Plastic Foam products
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